Installing Windows Server 2012 R2

This post will help you install a Windows Server 2012 R2 server, for demo purposes i will make use of VMware Workstation. Here the installation is fairly simple and straight forward. Make sure you have a Windows Server 2012R2 DVD or iso to continue with the installation. So let’s get started.

Mount the Windows Server 2012R2 iso and power on the virtual machine. It should automatically launch the Windows Installation screen as below. Select the language and time and hit Next.


On the next screen click on Install Now to continue with the wizard


On the next screen enter the 25 digit key that you have for evaluation. Unlike earlier versions of the Windows installations, you cannot skip this screen.


Depending on the license key you entered, the Wizards identifies the version and allows you to choose between Server with a GUI or Server Core Installation. Select the right option that matches your need and hit next.


Accept the license agreement and proceed further.


On the next screen, click on Custom Install if this is a new installation or choose Upgrade if you want to upgrade the Windows Server version, make sure you go through all the pre-requisites for upgrade here.


On the next screen, the wizards detects the local hard disks and allows you to select the partition you want the installation to be on. If you do not see you your hard disks here, make sure you install the drivers for the same and you should see it. Click Next.


Your installation should continue and it would take approximately 10-15min depending on your hardware configuration and type of installation you chose.


Once the installation completes and machine reboots, you should see a screen like below. Configure the Administrator password and hit Finish. All done!


Hope this post was informative and feel free to comment below.