Deploy VCSA 6 in VMware Workstation

Today, when i decided to try my hands on vSphere 6, first thing i did after downloading all the needed software was to try deploying VCSA in VMware Workstation. Well, i was not successful in doing that and hence i am here writing this. So lets see how we can do that…

Once you download the VCSA iso, extract it to a folder using any archive file extractor (i use WinRar). Once done, navigate to the vcsa folder and you should see a huge 2 Gig file named vmware-vcsa. Add extension .ova to the file and you should be able to open this now with Workstation.


Import the ova into Workstation and do not power on the VM yet.


Open the vmx file of the deployed VM with a text editor(look for vmx in your VM location folder) and add the guestinfo.cis lines as below. See that the IP addresses and DNS match your network. Save it. = "ipv4" = "static" = "" = "24" = ""
guestinfo.cis.vmdir.password = "vmware"
guestinfo.cis.appliance.root.passwd = "vmware" = "True"
guestinfo.cis.appliance.ssh.enabled = "True"

Update: Incase of VCSA 6.5 use below

guestinfo.cis.deployment.node.type = "embedded" = "ipv4" = "static" = "vcsa.vmmaster.lab" = "" = "24" = "" = ""
guestinfo.cis.appliance.root.passwd = "VMware1!"
guestinfo.cis.appliance.ssh.enabled = "True"
guestinfo.cis.deployment.autoconfig = "True"
guestinfo.cis.vmdir.password = "VMware1!" = "site"
guestinfo.cis.vmdir.domain-name = "vsphere.local"
guestinfo.cis.ceip_enabled = "False"

Now Power ON the VM and it should configure itself with the needed settings. Takes time to finish, have a break!


You can access the vCenter Appliance using the IP address you configured. In my case i use

Use administrator@vsphere.local and password vmware to login to the web client.


To create new users, click on Administration section on the left hand pane and click on Users and Groups.

Hope this was informative. Thanks!