Enabling BASH and SSH on VCSA

This post will show you how to enable SSH on VCSA. SSH can be enabled while installing the VSCA appliance, ideally most of them dont enable it. SSH can be enabled from web client and also from the VCSA console.

From VCSA Console, hit F2 and login with root and select Troubleshooting Mode Options.


On the next screen, use the enter key to change the SSH and BASH status from disabled to enable and vice versa. I am going to leave the BASH disabled here. BASH gets auto disabled after 60 minutes by default.


Once Done, Exit out using the Esc key.

Alternatively, you can use web client to enable SSH, make sure to login to web client using the administrator SSO account or any account who is a member of Systemconfiguration.Administrators group.

Navigate to Administration –> System Configuration –> Nodes, Select the vCenter Server and on the right pane, from the Actions drop down select Edit Settings 1.JPG

Check the Enable SSH login and click OK to enable the SSH. Once you login to SSH it is always easy to enable BASH from there.


Hope this was informative. Thanks!