Part 1 – Install Vagrant on CentOS 7

This post is about something that i have not done before. Blog Linux things !!

I thank my friend Khamruddin for motivating me to start these things. Basically he asked me to install a Linux machine and start playing around with vagrant to get some feel of it, so here i am installing it.

I have installed  CentOS 7 on a VM and now its turn for Vagrant. Before installing i started reading about Vagrant and what it does basically.

Vagrant helps in building a disposable environment to test using virtual systems. Though initially Vagrant was developed for VirtualBox, later from version 1.1 Vagrant supports provisioning of virtual machines on top of VMware and AWS. Vagrant helps in deploying multiple development environments isolating dependencies, this helps in reducing the time required for building OS because a single Vagrant file is all that is needed.

Make sure the CentOS is updated before installing Vagrant.

sudo yum -y update

Now download the Vagrant rpm for CentOS from here and install it.


To verify the installation use vagrant version 


That’s it! Hope this was informative. Thanks.

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