Restart VCSA services using SSH

This post is a straight forward thing which discusses about how to enable SSH and restart services when need be. Today in my home lab, i could not login to VCSA using web client, so i decided to restart the web client service but my vcenter being an appliance, i could not do that as we do in windows based vCenter using services.msc, so SSH came to my rescue.  Here is how…

You need to have SSH enabled for this. You can refer my post on how to enable SSH here.

Connect to VCSA over SSH using putty, login as root. Enable bash shell using the instruction displayed on the putty console and launch shell after that.


Once in shell, use “service-control –list” to display the service names.2

The general syntax to stop/start the service and check the status of service is as below

service-control --<start/stop> <service-name>
 service-control --status <service-name>3

Hope this post was informative. Thanks!