Upgrade VCSA 6 to Update 2

Hey there! Well, i wanted to have some hands on experience upgrading VCSA 6 to Update 2. I am currently on VCSA Update 1 but unfortunately i am still unable to use the 5480 port, popularly called as Virtual Appliance Management Interface, VAMI(i could not figure out why). So just want to try upgrading it to Update 2 and check it back.

I want to verify my version before upgrading. So from shell i can retrieve my build/version


Build 3018523 according to this is vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 U1. I have downloaded the FullPatch VCSA Update 2 ISO from the download patch section and mounted it to the VCSA appliance VM.

Exit the shell. If you have an external PSC then you need to first upgrade all the avaiable PSC’s in the enviroment and then upgrade the Appliance.

I took a snapshot of my VCSA, just in case. From the putty, use below

software-packages install --iso --acceptEulas


It takes good amount of time for upgrade, sit back and relax. Once finished. Reboot the appliance.

First thing i tested, after the upgrade was the VAMI and it worked ossumly well.1

The link does’nt have the build number for VCSA Update 2 updated as of this writing but since vCenter Windows build is 3634793 VCSA will be 3634794 (comparing other versions)


Hope this was informative. Thanks!