Installing vCenter 6 in Enhanced Linked Mode – Step By Step

With many changes to the Architecture in version 6, there also happened to be many ways to deploy a vCenter Server in the environment. For the small environments, the embedded mode is pretty much the right choice, however for the bigger environments with multiple vCenter Servers, Enhanced Linked Mode is what needed. While going through many deployment scenarios, i came across a blog page by Jonathan McDonald here. I would strongly recommend reading that before going any further in this post. This post is just an implementation of one of the deployment methods mentioned by Jonathan McDonald. Continue reading


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Availability Features – What’s New

Hey there! In this post we will find about the Availability features that were introduced with vSphere 6. Availability has always been an important characteristic of virtual systems and vSphere has provided many enhancements to this with the new version. Continue reading

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Networking and Storage – What’s New

So, moving onto our next topic in the What’s New series, we have our Networking and Storage features. This post will introduce you to the new features that are included with the vSphere version 6. So let’s get started. Continue reading

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vCenter Server Features – What’s New

Hey there! In our last post we have seen the basic platform features that were introduced in vSphere 6, now let’s see the vCenter Server enhancements and changes in version 6 like Architectural changes, Certificate Management, vMotion enhancements, vSphere Web Client. Continue reading

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VyOS – Virtual Router for Home Lab

In this post, we will discuss how a VyOS (old name – Vyatta) virtual appliance can be used as a router for home labs and acts as a internet gateway for all the lab machines. This has come handy many a times for me and good thing about this is it takes very less amount of resources from your host machine and is absolutely free of cost. There are many other virtual routers that are available like Freesco which is also a very good virtual router but i somehow love using Vyatta. It is simple to configure and use. A detailed user guide can be found here. Having said many good things about Vyatta, let’s get started with configuring some basic things. Continue reading

Part 7 – Using esxcli commands

In this post, we will take a look at the escli commands that can be used to find information of the VSAN cluster. Sometimes it is very helpful to use esxcli commands rather than navigating around different options in web client. Let’s look at some of the frequently helpful esxcli commands for VSAN. esxcli commands are executed on the ESXi ssh console. Make sure SSH is enabled on ESXi host to execute the below commands. Refer my previous post on enabling SSH on ESXi host here. Continue reading

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