Update Windows vCenter Server 6 to 6.2 – Step by Step

Hey there! In our previous post we have seen how vCenter can be installed in Enhanced Linked Mode. Today i am going to show you how to upgrade Windows vCenter Server to version 6.2. I have a vCenter with external PSC deployment, and as you have guessed it already, we must first upgrade our PSC and then proceed to the vCenter upgrade. Downlod the latest ISO from the vmware downloads.

Make sure you have a working backup  of the vCenter server and also the database is backed up. If you are running vCenter as a VM, have a snapshot  of the VM  before performing and upgrade. Once everything is ready, moun the ISO to the PSC VM and let the autorun.exe bring up the vCenter install screen. Click on Install and after wizard verifying the system, you end up on the below screen. Click Next.


Accept the EULA and click Next.


The installation Wizard detects the older version and prepares the VM to update. Click Update.


After the installation . Click Finish. Notice that the screen says Platform Services Controller is updated.


Now mount the ISO to the vCenter VM and click on the Install button on the autorun.exe home screen. Let the installation wizard begin and verify the syste. Click Next


Proceed with the installation and observe that the installation wizard detects the environment with external PSC. Click Next after the installation is complete.


Repeat the process for all the vCenter Servers in the environment.

Hope this was informative. Thanks!


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