What’s New vSphere 6.5 – Security

Things are really changing at VMware with respect to the Security enhancements and vSphere 6.5 can be considered as a major release that introduces many interesting features related to Security. So, let’s jump in. Continue reading


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What’s New vSphere 6.5 – Host and Cluster Management

vSphere 6.5 brings new enhancements to ESXi hosts making administrator lives more easy. As discussed already integrated VUM has lot many advantages and you can just imagine what all headache it saves from like DB dependencies, availability issues and many more.   Continue reading

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What’s New vSphere 6.5 – vCenter Server

VMware is truly making it’s customers happy by providing what they exactly need to enhance their businesses and this is what makes VMware leader in virtualization. Like always VMware has come up with pretty useful features with release 6.5 and this post will shed some light on those features. Continue reading

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VCP Expired? Here’s how you can save some bucks on Re-certification

Hello all,  VMware today has announced a change in plan for all those who have an expired VCP. Earlier, you had to retake the entire 5 day training class to be able to get re-certified, but things changed a bit now.  Continue reading

Virtual Machine Component Protection – VMCP

vSphere 6.0 has introduced a new feature called VMCP. Below is the vmware blog i found and i just thought, the concept cannot be explained any simpler than this.

So this is just a reference and i do not want to add anything to it. Enjoy reading the article below.

VM Component Protection

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Part 17 – Running a Recovery

Finally, we have arrived to a point where we can run the Recovery. SRM migrates all the VMs in the recovery plan to the recovery site. SRM attempts to shutdown the VMs at the Protected Site. Not everyone in the organization are allowed to run recovery as it alters the entire environment in many cases and reversing things is time consuming and needs effort. Continue reading

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Part 16 – Cleanup after testing a Recovery Plan

It is important to clean up after testing the recovery plan; failing to clean up the recovery plan bars us to test or run the recovery plan again. Cleanup does the following things.

  • Powers off the recovered VMs
  • Replaces recovered VMs with place holder VMs and preservs the configuration information.
  • Cleansup the replicated storage snapshots that the recovered VMs used during the test.

Continue reading

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