Part 4 – Installing HP VSA on VMware Worstation – Step By Step

Well, in our previous post we have seen how HP VSA can be installed on vSphere, in this post we will see how HP VSA can be installed on VMware Workstation. Doing it on Workstation is kind of better thing for lab in my opinion as you avoid virtualizing storage twice and thus reduce the load on the CPU. I am gonna keep this post still as part 4 since it is just another post on same topic. It’s upto you how you wanna do it if you are following along. However, I recommend reading the previous post before reading this.

Unlike earlier, now you just extract the file and browse to the files from explorer. you should have files as below.


You should find the below files in the folder VSA_OVF_12.6.xx.xxxx, and locate the ovf format file with size 16KB, right click and open with VMware Workstation.


Accept the EULA


Once the OVF has been imported, do not power it on yet. Edit the hardware settings as needed. Change the network settings. Add a hard disk as below.


Select SCSI and check the box Independent and let the type be Persistent. Click Next.


The rest of the procedure is just the same, i am adding the screens for your reference.


Specify the size here.


Specify the location here.


Now click on the Advanced button on the bottom right while still having the disk selected.


Change the Virtual Devide Node to SCSI 1:x and click OK.


That’s it! We can now power on the VM. On the VM console, type start and hit Enter to begin configuring the system.


Enter on the login screen.


Select Network TCP/IP Settings and click Enter.


Select the ethernet you would like to configure for management and hit Enter. Provide the IP, Subnet Mask and Gateway details and Enter on OK.


IP is configured and click OK.


That’s all you would need to configure for now from the console and you are good to logout from the console. We will see how the VSA can be configured further using CMC in our next post.

Hope this was informative. Thanks!

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