Part 5 – Install HP CMC for VSA – Step by Step

In my previous post, we have seen how VSA can be deployed in a vSphere environment, this post is a continuation for that and shows you how to install the CMC that we skipped during the VSA installation. CMC helps in managing all the VSA’s deployed in the environment and has a graphical user interface so is easy to use. So let’s jump in.

I hope you have downloaded the CMC already. If you have’nt, it should be available in the unzipped VSA folder. The installation is pretty much clicking Next many times and is straight forward. Run the CMC installer on a machine that is reachable from VSA and vice versa. Select the language and click OK.


Click Next.


Accept the EULA and click Next


Select Typical and click Next


Provide the installation directory and click Next. Default should be fine.


Click Next


This setting does not matter, leave as default and click Next


Click Install.


After installation is done. Click Next


Click Done.


Launch the CMC console if it does not show up automatically. CMC is intelligent enough to find the VSAs installed in the network using a broadcast. In my case, i have shutdown the VSAs so that i can show you how to add them manually. Knowing how to do that does not hurt.

Click on Find from the menu bar and click on Add button on the new window. Enter the IP address of the VSA anc click OK.


Once you are done with adding all the VSAs to the CMC, you should be able to see them under the Available Systems section.


We will continue learning more about configuring the CMC and using VSA in our future posts. Stay tuned!

Hope this was informative. Thanks!

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