Part 7 – Scheduling Array Based Replication – HP VSA

In our previous post, we have seen how to use CMC to create Management Groups, Volumes and how they can be presented to ESXi hosts. Let’s now move ahead with configuring HP VSA for SRM by configuring replication of volumes. The process is pretty much straight forward and quick to set up.

Open the HP CMC, right-click on the Volume that you want to replicate, select New Schedule to Remote Snapshot a Volume


On the new wizard, Give a name for the schedule, using Edit button, configure the start time. Configure how often the replication has to occur using the Recurrence section. Check the check box in the Remote Snapshot Setup section to view the primary volumes configured at the remote site. In real world, a separate volume is selected for the replicated VMs. Make sure the Protected and Recovery Volumes are of same size else the configuration fails. Click OK


Since we selected the primary volume at the Recovery Site to be our Replication destination volume, we see the below warning and a new snapshot is created at the recovery volume. Click OK.


Once everything is configured, you should see the CMC pane as below with new schedule showing up under the volumes and also snapshots created if any.


Hope this was informative. Thanks!

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