Part 8 – Pairing Sites and Installing HP-SRA on SRM 6

Hey there! We now have our storage things set up and its time to work on webclient again. As we are done with all the installations, we now need to pair the sites in the SRM so that the SRM is aware of which site is protected and which is recovery. So let’s begin pairing the Sites. Site pairing is also a simple process and just needs couple of clicks. Login to the vSphere WebClient and Navigate to the Home and click on the Site Recovery Manager plugin. At the Site Recovery Manager Home page, click on the Sites.


Since my vCenter Deployment architecture is an Enhanced Linked Mode, webclient has already detected the SRM servers in my lab infrastructure but they are not paired. Select any one of the Sites and Click on the Pairing button or use the Actions drop down to find the Pairing button.


Enter the PSC server name and click Next.


Select the vCenter server of the other site and enter the PSC administrator credentials. Click Finish


Once the task is complete, you should now be able to see the Site pairing as shown below.


As you can see in the above screen, we have not yet installed the SRA for the HP VSA storage. VMware approved SRA’s can be downloaded from the VMware downloads section. I have downloaded it and below is the file for HP VSA.


For HP SRAs, .NET3.5 is the prerequisite and i have already installed it using the Features section on the Windows Server Manager. Failing to install .NET 3.5 gives the below error.

Failed to load SRA from ‘C:/Program Files (x86)/VMware/VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager/storage/sra/HP P4000 SRA’. SRA command ‘queryInfo’ didn’t return a response.

Install the SRA on both the SRM servers. Click Next at the below screen.


Accept the EULA and click Next.


Enter the Organization details anc click Next.


Click Install


Installation should take less than 2 min and once done click Finish.


Repeat this on all the recovery SRM server as well. Now refresh the web client to check if the SRAs were installed correctly.


Hope this was informative. Thanks!

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