Part 12 – Creating Protection Group

As discussed in our previous post, Protection Groups are a collection of virtual machines that are protected together. Protection Groups can be created based on the type of replication they have ie whether it is Array Based or vSphere Replication or Storage Policy Based. A Recovery Plan can include Protection Groups from Array Based Replication or vSphere Based Replication but a Storage Policy Based Protection Group cannot be included in the same Recovery Plan as Array or vSphere Replication Protection Group.

Click on the Protection Groups Button on the Navigator from Site Recovery Manager.


On the right hand side, click on the blue shield icon with a + to create a Protection Group.


On the next screen, give a name to the Protection Group and you should see the paired sites below. Click Next.


Select the direction of protection and also the type of Protection Group. Since we are using an Array Based replication, we are selecting Datastore groups as Protection Group type. Click Next.


The wizard should automatically show up the datastores and select all the datastores that are to be grouped and the virtual machines that are being replicated on the datastores show up on the below section. Click Next.


Review the settings on the next screen. Click Next and Finish.


Once the Protection Group is created, you should be able to view the virtual machines that are protected by this group.


Also observe the place holder virtual machines are created on the Recovery Site and they appear different. These machines cannot be powered on for obvious reason.

2016-10-12 23_50_51-vSphere Web Client.jpg

Hope this was informative. Thanks!

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