Part 13 – Creating a Recovery Plan

We have come a long way in settings up things and working on SRM related stuff. We have almost reached the last steps in enabling a Disaster Recovery Solution for VMs. Now that we have Protection Groups created and verified all the required VMs are being replicated as expected, our next step would be to create a Recovery Plan so that the Protection Groups can be made use of. A Recovery Plan controls every step of the recovery process, including the order in which the VMs have to be powered on, networks to be used, and other stuff related to virtual machines to be protected.

A Recovery Plan can have one or more Protection Groups and a Protection Group can be part of more than one Recovery Plan, this is like having a plan B in case of an unexpected situation, however, only one Recovery Plan can be run at a time for a Protection Group. Let’s begin creating a Recovery Plan with the one Protection Group we have.

From the Site Recovery Manager home page, from the Recovery Plans sections, click on Create a Recovery Plan icon


Give a name to the Recovery Plan and click Next.


Select the site that is going to be recovery site for this recovery plan. Click Next.


Select the Protection groups that you want them to be part of this Recovery Plan. As discussed earlier posts, it is not possible to create a recovery plan with a combination of Storage policy protection groups and hence a separate is dropped is provided to select them if you have one.


On the Next screen, you can select the test network, which will be used when a test is run on this recovery plan. Click Next.


Review the settings and click Finish.


We now have a Recovery Plan created and in our next post, we discuss about different options we have while configuring a recovery plan.

Hope this was informative. Thanks!

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