Part 15 – Test a Recovery Plan

Now that we have the recovery plan configured according to our needs, its time we test the recovery plan. When you test a recovery plan, SRM uses the test network to test the VMs in the plan and also no VMs on the Protected Site are powered off unlike when the actual recovery plan is run. Remember that, if a recovery plan requires to suspend or power off any VM on the recovery site, testing the recovery plan also suspends the VMs and no other changes are made to the production environment during the test recovery.

Testing a Recovery Plan creates a snapshot on the recovery site of all the disk files of the virtual machines in the plan. Snapshots creation add I/O latency on the storage. Now, let’s test our Recovery Plan.

Click on the green Play symbol to test the Recovery Plan.


Check the box to perform a last sync of the VM. Click Next.


Review the settings and click Finish.


Monitor the Test progress, as you can observe i skipped the sync for a last time for testing the Recovery Plan.


The test is complete and you see that there are some time-out, this is because, my VMs do not have VMware Tools installed and there is no way for SRM to check the VM heartbeat and hence SRM waits for 5 min before moving onto the next priority VMs.


Monitor the Protected Site and Recovery Site and observe that, no VMs on the protected site are affected and VMs on the Recovery Site powered on except for those that we did not want them to.


In our next post, we work on cleaning up the recovery test.

Hope this was informative. Thanks!

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