Part 16 – Cleanup after testing a Recovery Plan

It is important to clean up after testing the recovery plan; failing to clean up the recovery plan bars us to test or run the recovery plan again. Cleanup does the following things.

  • Powers off the recovered VMs
  • Replaces recovered VMs with place holder VMs and preservs the configuration information.
  • Cleansup the replicated storage snapshots that the recovered VMs used during the test.

Performing a cleanup returns the Recovery Plan to Ready state. To do a cleanup, click on the little brush on the quick menu in the webclient.


Review the settings and click Next and Finish on the next screen.


Once the cleanup is done, you can see that the Recovery Plan returns to Ready status.

If there are any errors reported during the cleanup, use the force cleanup.


The Recovered VMs are powered off now and are now place holders.


See you in the next post. Thanks!

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