What’s New vSphere 6.5 – vCenter Server

VMware is truly making it’s customers happy by providing what they exactly need to enhance their businesses and this is what makes VMware leader in virtualization. Like always VMware has come up with pretty useful features with release 6.5 and this post will shed some light on those features.

vCenter Server

I would begin with the section that most excited me, vCenter Server. VMware has been putting lot of efforts to get rid of the Windows-based installation of vCenter Server and VMware has strategically achieved this. With earlier releases we have seen many changes to VCSA however there were many features that were still lacking like Update Manager and ability to migrate to VCSA. With version 6.5, now it’s completely possible to get rid of Windows based installation. Here are some of the more interesting features that come with vCenter Server 6.5.

Easy to Migrate

VCSA 6.5 now has a built-in migration tool and is also available as a separate product for those running version 5.5 and 6 here.  The built-in migration tool now supports version 5.5 and 6 to be migrated to VCSA 6.5. Migration tool allows to choose what (tasks, performance metrics etc.,) to be migrated from old vCenter Server.


Integrated Update Manager 

Oh man! This is a very nice move. vCenter Server now has the built-in VMware update Manger and it is further more easy to migrate from Windows-based installation to VCSA saving one more Windows license. All the baselines, configuration and inventory data is migrated by default. However with the integrated VUM, the minimum RAM for the VCSA VM is changed from 8GB to 10GB.

Appliance Management

With VCSA 6.5, new improved appliance management capabilities have been introduced. Apart from the CPU and Memory utilization, we can now monitor the DB stats and Network utilization from GUI instead of relying on the command line.


Native High Availability

vCenter 6.5 has a new native HA solution which creates a Passive vCenter and also has a Witness VM, these are cloned from the Active vCenter Server and failure of Host or any service on the Active vCenter will trigger the passive node to become active.


Built-in Backup and Restore

This functionality enables users to back up vCenter and PSC directly from VAMI and also can back up VUM and Auto Deploy running embedded within the appliance. Backup supports VCSA with any deployment model and restore can be done from original ISO.

HTML 5 vSphere Client

With vSphere 6.5, a fully supported version of HTML 5 based web client will be available by the time of 6.5 GA. The HTML based client can be tested by downloading the fling here.  This can be deployed as an OVA and updates to this can be done without interrupting the vCenter Server. VMware in some press releases is now calling this as the “vSphere Client” which earlier referred to the C# client.

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