Digital Badges for VMware Certifications

Hello, all the VMware Certified Guys out there! VMware has partnered with Acclaim, a product of Pearson to give a Digital version of the certification you earned. This way, it is easy share your skills on all the platforms like Email Signatures, Resumes and LinkedIn. All this is at no cost.

All you have to do is wait for am email from Acclaim with the link for claiming the badge. Click on the link and create an account and that’s all. You will be good to share the Badge on any Digital Media.

Here is the Glimpse of how Digital Badges look.


Thank You!


VyOS – Virtual Router for Home Lab

In this post, we will discuss how a VyOS (old name – Vyatta) virtual appliance can be used as a router for home labs and acts as a internet gateway for all the lab machines. This has come handy many a times for me and good thing about this is it takes very less amount of resources from your host machine and is absolutely free of cost. There are many other virtual routers that are available like Freesco which is also a very good virtual router but i somehow love using Vyatta. It is simple to configure and use. A detailed user guide can be found here. Having said many good things about Vyatta, let’s get started with configuring some basic things. Continue reading

Deploy VCSA 6 in VMware Workstation

Today, when i decided to try my hands on vSphere 6, first thing i did after downloading all the needed software was to try deploying VCSA in VMware Workstation. Well, i was not successful in doing that and hence i am here writing this. So lets see how we can do that… Continue reading