Part 5 – Running Multiple VMs using Vagrant

In our earlier posts, we have seen how to run a VM using Vagrant and in this post, we shall see how we can deploy multiple VMs and how to change their configurations. But where do we change these configs? you guessed it right; the same vagrantfile that we used for the first VM. Continue reading


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Part 4 – Add,Update and Remove a Box in Vagrant

In this post, lets see how we can add a box to the vagrant. Since we already added a Ubuntu machine in the last post, lets now try to add a CentOS box.

The command to add box is very simple, Continue reading

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Part 3 – Running a VM with Vagrant

In this post, i want to write something about how to bring up a VM with Vagrant. Basically Vagrant uses pre-built images to create a development environment, most of these images have a very minimal working footprint. The images once downloaded can be reused any number of times and all these can be done with couple of command line statements. So let’s jump in….. Continue reading

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Part 2 – Install VirtualBox on CentOS 7

After having installed Vagrant on CentOS, i needed VirtualBox to be installed on top of that for the Vagrant to be up and running. Vagrant supports other virtualization providers also like VMware which needs to be installed separately via the plugins and they would need a commercial license to be purchased. Since VirutalBox is free, i decided to go ahead with it. Continue reading

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Part 1 – Install Vagrant on CentOS 7

This post is about something that i have not done before. Blog Linux things !!

I thank my friend Khamruddin for motivating me to start these things. Basically he asked me to install a Linux machine and start playing around with vagrant to get some feel of it, so here i am installing it.

I have installed  CentOS 7 on a VM and now its turn for Vagrant. Before installing i started reading about Vagrant and what it does basically. Continue reading

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