Virtual Machine Component Protection – VMCP

vSphere 6.0 has introduced a new feature called VMCP. Below is the vmware blog i found and i just thought, the concept cannot be explained any simpler than this.

So this is just a reference and i do not want to add anything to it. Enjoy reading the article below.

VM Component Protection


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Lockdown Mode – vSphere 6

Lockdown Mode in ESXi host is around the corner since version 4. There were no ‘major’ changes to it untill version 6. VMware has come up with a more effective way of hardening the ESXi hosts in the vSphere 6 as there were ways to bypass lockdown mode in earlier versions. vSphere with version 6 introduced Strict Lockdown Mode and Exception Users to accomplish this. So without any delay, let’s get started with our discussion. Continue reading

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Availability Features – What’s New

Hey there! In this post we will find about the Availability features that were introduced with vSphere 6. Availability has always been an important characteristic of virtual systems and vSphere has provided many enhancements to this with the new version. Continue reading

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Networking and Storage – What’s New

So, moving onto our next topic in the What’s New series, we have our Networking and Storage features. This post will introduce you to the new features that are included with the vSphere version 6. So let’s get started. Continue reading

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vCenter Server Features – What’s New

Hey there! In our last post we have seen the basic platform features that were introduced in vSphere 6, now let’s see the vCenter Server enhancements and changes in version 6 like Architectural changes, Certificate Management, vMotion enhancements, vSphere Web Client. Continue reading

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